Bio Scents Body Oil - Lavender
Bio Scents Body Oil - Lavender

Bio Scents Body Oil - Lavender

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 Origin: France

Aroma: Floral/soft

Aromatic benefits: Soothing & relaxing – Lavender calms the spirit, soothes tensions & supports a good night sleep.

Also used for: Insect repelling. Rub the oil into your skin to keep mosquitos from stinging.

Natural body oils

Our body oils have a natural sweet almond base. Almond oil is naturally hydrating and moisturizing for your skin, which helps to give your sensitive skin the boost it needs to repair itself and stay healthy. Our body oils are fragranced with 100% pure and organic essential oil.s No perfume, water, or any chemical substances are added to our body oils.


Our body oils are packaged in glass bottles with bamboo caps to reduce plastic waste. When you’ve used up your oil, please message us directly for our refill options to reuse the plastic pump and bamboo cap. All our body oils are poured and packaged by hand in Portugal.