Sunbeam Whipped Body Butter Topped with a Smoky Quartz Crystal | Hug Scent
Sunbeam Whipped Body Butter Topped with a Smoky Quartz Crystal | Hug Scent

Sunbeam Whipped Body Butter Topped with a Smoky Quartz Crystal | Hug Scent

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Our gorgeous Whipped Body Butter in our HUG scent is a beautifully thick moisturising cream handmade by us with 100% natural ingredients. Designed either to be used daily or as a luxurious treat during your #selfcare routine, this butter will leave your skin silky soft and nourished.

We've topped it with a protective Smoky Quartz Crystal that is known to anchor and ground you, helping to protect against any negative thoughts. Give it a rinse and pop it somewhere close by, in your pocket - or bra(!) - and enjoy it's healing properties.

All of our crystals are sourced responsibly by our gorgeous friend Joanne at Luxe Blue.

Your body butter will arrive contained in a glass jar with a unique, hand designed lid. We press flowers from the gardens of our family home and use them to create our signature botanical lids. No two designs are the same, so please note that yours may look slightly different to the ones pictured depending on what flowers we have growing at the time. Each one is a work of art and no two are the same! ✽✿ ❀ ❃

All our products are handmade (by us!), vegan and cruelty free.


HUG - The delicious combination of three pure essential oils (Sweet Orange, Nutmeg and Clove) work together with the natural scents of the cocoa butter make this whipped body butter smell utterly delicious. If you enjoy edible scents, this is the one for you. Imagine you're relaxing with your favourite people, snuggled under a big warm blanket by the fire and holding a mug of cocoa while the smells of somebody baking chocolate orange cookies wafts into the room. That's HUG.

Whipped into a divine concoction of natural butters and nourishing oils, it creates the most heavenly whipped body butter.

We developed this blend of essential oils with the Root Chakra in mind:

Sweet Orange - Enlivens the senses.
Nutmeg - Creates warmth and soothes the mind.
Clove - Promotes feelings of protection and safety.