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Intuitive Mixed Media Art Class with Lisa Lochhead- 4th November

Intuitive Mixed Media Art Class with Lisa Lochhead- 4th November

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 Intuitive Mixed Media Art Workshop - Gratitude- Saturday 4th November 10:30- 1:30pm

Tap into your creative power and create meaningful art in alignment with the natural rhythms of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year. No prior art experience needed, all levels welcome.. 

In this mixed media art class, you will create a piece of art exploring a theme that embraces the energies of Samhain The theme for this 3-hour Intuitive Mixed Media Art workshop is ‘Gratitude.’

At Samhain the veils are thin - boundaries are dissolving as the nights continue to darken and the days shorten It is a time where you are called to give thanks for what has been given and received over the year. A time to acknowledge and appreciate the harvest you have reaped and the gifts given.

 Working with the seasons and the Wheel of the Year underpins my own creative and spiritual practice and during this workshop I will share with you about creatively connecting to the seasonal energies of the Samhain for enhanced well-being and nourishment.

Exploring the energy of Samhain and the theme of Gratitude you will be engaging the creative process as a meditative reflection process. Laying down paint and mixed media intuitively and rest into enjoying, moving, and playing with your paint. The session starts with a small-guided meditation practice – so you can approach the creative process from a place of stillness and rest. You then move into working on building layers of flow and curiosity with images, quotes, textures, and acrylic paint as you connect to the theme of ‘Gratitude’.

Using your fingers, brushes, colour, creating and dissolving form you will learn how to express creatively without using the mind to judge what the outcome will be or what to do next. There is guidance, technique and prompts throughout the session to keep the thread of the theme evolving as you create.  This approach allows a dialogue with your intuitive nature to open as you relax into the creative process. A communication opens that informs and inspires the piece being created and enables you to bring forward in your art piece a message calling you forward. Making each participant’s piece unique and full of meaning and reflection.

Not only will you leave the session with a beautiful piece of artwork that is meaningful to you but also a depth of creative nourishment and enhanced well-being.



Materials Being Used on the Workshop:

All materials are provided. You will be working with acrylic paints on 15” x 22” size Fabriano Artistico 300gsm watercolour paper with one deckled edge. You will also learn how to prepare the paper to take multiple layers of paint, flow and water.

You are more than welcome to bring any bits and pieces that speak to you that you might incorporate into your artwork. It could be a poem that moves you, images, text, whatever it is bring it along.


Includes all materials plus tea or coffee & delicious cake.


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Lesley Rose Rudder

Very well organised safe space. Lovely cake