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Kjott Leather Co - Horizontal Holder(Pueblo Nero)

Kjott Leather Co - Horizontal Holder(Pueblo Nero)

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Handcrafted in Norfolk, this leather brand uses premium leather to handcraft leather products from bottle openers to premium card holders. 

This minimalist Horizontal card holder with a stacked logo is great travel accessory, easy to use and slip straight in your pocket. Can hold 6+ cards with 2+ in the front section, 2+ in the middle and 2+ in the back. These pockets can be used to house folded up notes too making this a perfect little wallet to be used as a daily or for reducing your wallet size for a night out.

All the stitching is done by hand using Ritza Tiger thread in a saddle stitch. This is an incredibly strong stitch which we feel suits the wallet and gives an excellent look and durability to our products.

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