Relaxation Eye Pillow + Carry Case – Himalayan Orange

Relaxation Eye Pillow + Carry Case – Himalayan Orange

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Relaxation is essential for living a happy healthy life. With the Om Sadhana Collection’s Eye Pillow + Carry Case, you are now able to slip into that restful state much smoother and with more ease. Gently cover your eyes with this soft natural eye pillow to make those moments at the end of your yoga class even more valuable.

By placing the Eye Pillow on areas of the body where you are more likely to hold tension or experience pain, a gentle pressure is added to the chosen areas. From there the breath begins to travel to release tension and heal.

In longer held poses, like in Yin Yoga Classes or Restorative Yoga Classes, we recommend using the Eye Pillows on the palms of your hands, at the base of your neck, on your chest, just below the clavicles to ground and find peace in the practice. With your legs up the wall let the Eye Pillow (in the Carry Case) rest on the soles of your feet

Eye Pillow is filled with linseeds and a sprinkle of lavender for a subtle smell of relaxation

Carry Case and Eye Pillow Cover are washable