2023 Time for Self Care and Mindfulness

Mindfulness, what does that even mean you could ask, would that work?

Everyone of us is different and we cope in so many ways that suit us, but does thinking outside your comfort zone help?  I would say yes, give it a go as Self-care is one of the leading practices now since the pandemic for adults, the government statistics has seen a 24% increase of mental health issues in young people and they haven’t touched the sides of the older generations, however it is the older generation that has given themselves time to be more mindful about engaging in regular self-care practises, and this is mainly due because they can give themselves time without exterior pressures.

When you think of Self-care and mindfulness do you imagine yourself seated on a cushion meditating or chanting so that puts you off?  This isn’t the case, to practice any form of mindfulness to help with anxiety or stress is to take time out for you, that is to notice your feelings about something, the emotion it brings to your brain, the way you judge that emotion and to learn how not to make judgement.


One of the best ways to start something for yourself with mindfulness is to take a walk, it doesn’t have to be long but get those shoes on and take yourself outside what ever the weather.  Don’t look down at the pavement or road, keep your eyes upwards, this feeling of capturing what is around you is a sensory feeling and with that feeling you slowly start to tune in to your surroundings, turning your brain away from what has been bubbling up.

When you have taken yourself off walking every day, whether it be for 5mins or 1 hour slowly start to introduce the outside space with stopping for 5 minutes and closing your eyes, listening to the wind rustle the leaves, the sun on your face, the birds, the cars driving by, if you can take note of three things you can hear with your eyes shut, you are being mindful, your senses are on alert, you embrace the feeling of peace.  Keep practising this daily or every other day, just a few minutes at a time until it seeps into your soul so that it is a daily practice that sets you up ready to face the day, the meeting, the workload or just people.

Another great way to switch off and give yourself some real me time is to listen to guided meditation, these are all available on your phone, YouTube or other sites, these guides take you on a journey with your mind drifting off following the steps down, or crossing the stream or jumping the waves in a warm ocean, it takes time to practice this but honestly once you let yourself go having your brain switch off even if for a few minutes is the most healing tool.

So, the best tools to help you start your mindfulness and Self-Care for 2023 is the following:

1: Take a walk, don’t procrastinate go now and put on those boots and walk, 5 mins max, don’t look down, look up, put your face to the sky, breathe and let go.

2: Sit, close your eyes, breathe in and then out, like a wave going in and out on a stretch of beach that makes you smile, do this for a few minutes, keeping your eyes closed, just breathe in and then out.

3: Keep walking and increase the time a few minutes each day, always looking upwards, breathing in the cold, warm air, take in your surroundings, always breathing in and out.

4: Sit outside whether in a park, your garden, a bench overlooking a view, leave your phone at home or switch it off, listen, really listen, and hear the birds, cars, children shouting, laughter, water, whatever you hear don’t judge, just listen, it is life, all around you happening.  Observation is one of the most important things for mindfulness.

5: If you have the opportunity sit or walk by water, this is the most cleansing of bodies, the whole sensation of hearing water whether it be a fountain, waterfall, trickle or huge wave, it cleanses the soul, hugely beneficial for self-care.  Feel the water on your skin, imaging jumping in the sea or standing under that waterfall, let the feeling of water wash away all your troubles, the waves have that way of you breathing in on the wave coming to shore and breathing out as it withdraws back, in and out, in and out, imagine you toes in warm sand or the sun on your face, all these emotions are mindfulness and create a warm blanket around yourself, that is self-care.

Life is always going to have its ups and downs and we owe it to ourselves and our families to take time out, what about me?  Exactly what about you?

Practising mindfulness and self-care will help you cope with all the responsibilities, events and workloads that is pushed at you, so now is the time to think about YOU, use all your five senses daily, this will be your protection against negativity, sadness, the feeling of being overwhelmed.

We have a Studio in Store that has classes for meditation and crystal healing so if we can help please reach out as we are sure to know someone who can start your journey for 2023 mindfully.




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