About Us

Hello, I am Maddie (MOO) I want to just explain to you what we are about here at MOOand BOOM.
I lost my job during the COVID 19 Pandemic. I worked as a product coordinator for a cashmere company. 
I realised two things when working in the fashion industry.
1. The industry is constantly changing. For the better? NO
2. Am I helping the industry doing what I am doing? NO
The company I worked for was very sustainable from how we farmed the goats all the way to the process of making the product. However the mass of stock we were creating made me realise we were not helping the world every four seasons. 
So with the help of my Mum and very good friend Dana we launched into a business model that brings sustainable lifestyle and well-being to the high street. Our products are sourced with sustainability being a key factor, we upcycle furniture as well as buying antiques, we use old fabrics to make cushions, bags and aprons.  We stock supplements and alternative therapies and our Workshop and Studio lends itself to Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual healing and so much more.
I wanted to incorporate the idea of well priced clothing with a shopping experience that had more of a luxury feel, so we stock Pre-Loved clothing as well as new clothing that is eco friendly.
Please contact me at maddie@mooandboom.com
Our showroom and office address is:10 Green End, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1AA
Thank you to everyone who has shown so much support already. I hope that we can really continue to make a difference together.
Love Maddie x