About Us

I am Maddie I want to just explain to you what we are about here at MOOand BOOM.
I lost my job during the COVID 19 Pandemic. I worked as a product coordinator for a cashmere company. 
I realised two things when working in the fashion industry.
1. The industry is constantly changing. For the better? NO
2. Am I helping the industry doing what I am doing? NO
The company I worked for was very sustainable from how we farmed the goats all the way to the process of making the product. However the mass of stock we were creating made me realise we were not helping the world every four seasons. 
When I lost my job I realised I wanted to do something that is going to change the industry for the better. 
I have always had a passion for pre-loved clothing however I am not a fan of walking into a charity shop and finding 100's of clothes squished onto a rail. This is not my idea of enjoyable shopping no matter what the price tag is!! I wanted to incorporate the idea of well priced clothing with a shopping experience that had more of a luxury feel.
Here at MOOand BOOM our ethos is to reduce retail landfill. We want to create a shopping experience that is enjoyable and on trend always.
We embrace the old with the new and find new homes for your clothing so it can be loved the same way you once did.
We sell pre-loved clothing, new stock and gorgeous cashmere and mix blends.
MOO-Zz Well-being - these are products we sell that incorporate upcycled materials using vintage fabrics and cashmere offcuts, as well as stocking organic and vegan beauty, aromatherapy and goods that have a clean carbon footprint, check out our stock, we are happy to ship out to you.
You can find this all on our website.
Our showroom and office address is:

10 Green End, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1AA

To book an appointment please contact me at maddie@mooandboom.com
You can come and either drop off donations or just have a browse.
Our showroom will constantly change as the trends change throughout the season. We want to give you an experience of reducing your carbon footprint but embracing a new look, a re-imagined vibe and an economically priced purchase.
We can sell your products for you. If you own something that you feel you want for a price we can either buy this off you or sell it on your behalf. 
Thank you to everyone who has shown so much support already. I hope that we can really make a difference together.
Maddie x