Change the Perception of Pre-Loved

Embedding social causes into our goals and pioneering new ideas for the future of retail without landfill MOOand BOOM are endeavoring to change perception of pre-loved, past season and vintage clothing.

We want to be part of the game-changers and emerge with a customer base that relates to the changing habits of consumers and those habits have gone from disposable landfill to wearable pre-loved. Our shopping habits should be more circular, if we buy new items then when we have had enough, gift them, up-cycle, sell. Over the next 10 years the fashion industry will have to have a more transparent footprint to contribute to climate change, the secondhand market will see growth and consumers will take value from contributing to a much bigger picture.

We take pride in placing second-hand clothing with new customers, their excitement of buying is no different than if bought on the high street, the same buzz of looking amazing in something, the same feeling of excitement to go and wear it and don’t forget clothes have a journey so many pieces would never have been seen before by our customers, they are unique to them and that is what we make special.

Our Commitment to Charity and the sustainability of clothing is who we are, that is the ethos of our business, so we join with Charities to provide clothing for their doors that don’t reach our platforms and our pop up events raise money by our donation of 10% of takings to the Charity of the month that we are representing. 

If you have designer items that you would like to sell on our platform please let us know, we take a 25% commission on selling and we package, send and photograph at no cost to you, we find the next person to love and use your pre-loved item, turning full circle something that was made with love initially.

It is exciting that you will be part of our journey ……

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