Ditch Your Fast Fashion And Shop Sustainable

There is increasing demand for sustainable clothing and many of the larger high street stores are finding ways to be conscious, however are they doing enough?

In my humble opinion I would say no, and for them to act more responsibly considering they have the majority share of people’s pockets then morally they should be rethinking their sales plans. 

Product Management information is vital so us, as consumers we want to make our own decisions so that we can see that Brands have contributed to a reduced carbon footprint and are planet conscious.

Over 500 billion garments a year are lost to landfill, this is mainly fast fashion which has been hardly worn and very little recycled. It is the repetitive Brands that produce millions of the same garment and usually made by underage workers for as little as 1p an item. IMAGINE your child working for pennies for over 12 hours a day... you wouldn't have it would you? So don't buy into it!!

Over production at its best, so really what we should be doing is buying less or buying but sending garments that you don’t wear to charity shops (the ones who don’t offload to landfill if they are left with unsold goods), sell on vinted, eBay or re purpose garments.  The bygone years saw articles of clothing updated with new buttons, pockets, shortened or materials cut into strips to make rag rugs, we have though over the years become a culture of excess.

As a consumer we need to know that we are contributing towards a solution and not adding to the bigger issue of more production. Buy into sustainable fashion, if it is eco vera viscose, organic cotton or linen or hemp. Over the next few years we will see more and more innovative companies using old clothing to make new pieces and prices come down so that they are affordable.

The expectation that we need a new outfit for occasions is diminishing and the platforms now where you can hire an outfit rather than buying one that then sits in your wardrobe not worn again have really taken off. Clothing rentals are on the up and the service they provide is a great alternative to investing in a perpetual circle of fast fashion.

So this situation is no fairy-tale is it?

And we must address it, little steps lead the way to larger footprints so please look for an eco-friendlier approach to your wardrobe and the well-being of not only yourself, but others will be noticed. 

Our planet needs us.

We have just introduced a new brand Passenger Clothing they are using recycled materials and organic cottons to produce sustainable clothing... I am so excited to show you more!

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