February the month of Love and Pancakes !!

The month of Love and the delicious taste of Pancakes, February is a win win, and with us locked down the experience of having these events in our week makes us embrace them with gusto, so a full-on table of flowers and a full tummy of pancakes ……

So MOOand BOOM refurbishment is well underway and we will be so excited to be open to the public and can welcome you into our Store to experience Sustainable Living and Health.  We have been doing lots of research so we can bring you products that are not only healthy but have a clean carbon footprint and one of our suppliers makes use of the following:

Cotton Velvet, Old Silk Saris, Plastic Bottles, we will be showcasing, Cushions, Boxes, Small bags, and the furniture that we will be selling is Old upcycled or made from waste materials, sourced in the UK and India, they are eclectic and keep artisan skills alive, everything is painted by hand or is rich in history as an Antique.

MOOand BOOM want to create a very inspiring environment for their customers and by buying vintage and using old fabrics we can achieve this goal, everything we stock has a story behind it and we are proud that we have the skill set and experience to offer this to our lovely customers.We use recycled paper products and even after wall-papering our walls with pops of colour we are using the waste bits to case our Cacti plants – nothing goes to waste!!

Our Well-being Studio will be introducing Meditation and Yoga as well as space for workshops, so if you have something you are passionate about and feel a workshop would work then give us a call or drop us an email, we would love to hear from like minded people wanting to bring their skills to life.

The Café Kiosk which is specailsing in loose leaf teas will help advise on suitable beverages that can help with anxiety, sleep, menopause, we have tested these wonderful teas over lockdown and have our favorites, these are all ethical and sustainable.

So, we are now looking towards the end of March to get open and back in the game so have everything crossed for us!! We will be super excited to see you all and showcase all our lovely stock and expand on the journey we are on to help with a cleaner planet, a sustainable shopping experience and a healthy lifestyle.

In the meantime check out our instagram @mooandboom and follow our updates on the renovations!!

Keep safe dear hearts.


Maddie x

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