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Interestingly when you start out on a sustainable journey you are not aware of how many things in our lives we can upcycle.  I have totally embraced fabric and crazily get great joy at just looking at it, the texture, design, and colour.  With the help of our lovely sewing Lady Hilary, we can take pride in upcycling all sorts of materials from Vintage Silk to Coffee Bean Sacks donated from our coffee provider, it is so incredibly satisfying and does bring a smile to my face.

This month we worked with floral vintage fabric that was donated from Headway the Brain Trauma Charity, we link with them and any unwanted clothing that has come to us and doesn’t fit our shop we give to them, and they gift us materials they think would be a good fit for us. It’s a win win for both parties and totally recycled.

Hilary made 26in x 26in cushion covers for us this month, which comprised of floral fabric, a linen and a pair of old denim jeans, we choose the larger size as they are ideal for outside living spaces, for decking, benches, for kids to lounge on in the garden or on a rug at a picnic, all washable.  The inners are filled with a sustainable wadding which we sourced, so the whole process was a clean carbon footprint and so satisfying!!

They are available in Store at £49.00 each.

We have coming up on one of our projects some pretty chintzy fabrics which we are going to make into girly cushions and bed covers, these would be ideal for girly girls who love pink and blue, we will team them with bold pink and delphinium blue pom poms, so watch out for them coming into Store, we are excited to see the finished results.

If you have any fabrics that are just sitting at home not used then please let us know, we are happy to receive donations, also any Ladies Clothing that you are wanting to donate, we give to a different charity every month a % of profits so before they get sent to Landfill or to a Charity Shop that sends to Landfill please think of us.

Facts of Landfill resulting from Clothing:

The UK produces 206.456 tonnes of textile waste in a year.

In the UK 3.1kg of textile waste is produced per person every year, and only 0.3kg of that waste is recycled and only 0.4kg reused.  1.7Kg is disposed of in Landfill.

The UK is the 2nd in terms of annual spending on NEW Clothing with an average of £980 per person.

The clothing industry in the UK is the 3rd biggest in Europe .

Italy is the least sustainable country, but Belgians produce the most textile waste.  Germany is 3rd in terms of yearly export of worn clothing.  Spain produces the least textile waste.

So every little bit helps and whether it is buying sustainable NEW Fashion and asking where it was made, who made it, was a fair wage paid, what is it made from, to wearing PRE-LOVED Fashion all you do has an impact on the planet, and here at MOOand BOOM we can help you on your journey – now is not a time to be complacent as Human Stewards to this planet we should want to help it survive for our families in the future and with a strong mindset everything is possible.

Our Sustainable Fashion will be in Store from the End of August, we will be excited to showcase this for you all, presently we have sustainable basics of sweatshirts, tee's and leggings.

Blessings to all,

Love Stella x 

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