Health and Well-being for you.

Here at the Store, we have a wonderful selection of good supplements, these are here to help you with Sleep, Mental Health, Joints, Gut and many more issues or complaints that your may have.

Some of the Natural ways to support and improve flagging energy levels is to fuel your body with the right foods.  If you find yourself exhausted throughout the day, it may mean that your diet is lacking certain properties.

The most important and I know we all say it is, is Breakfast, porridge or a low sugar cereal or eggs are a good start, protein is essential and with a balanced Carbohydrate serving this will help balance the dip in your sugar levels that lead to us all craving the wrong foods throughout the day.

Try and ditch the caffeine as this can also lead to slumps in our mood, yes you get the initial boost, but it wears off and then that drop in our levels causes us to either drink more coffee or grab the biscuit barrel…

If you are still tired, we would recommend getting your iron levels checked as without iron in our system to renew our cells you can really suffer with fatigue. 

Ways to increase your Iron levels naturally could be included in your diet with green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, and grass-fed red meat.

We can recommend @whollycow for locally produced grass-fed beef.  Grass fed beef contains Omega 3, these are the good fat found in oily fish, this can help with depression and cancer whilst lowering blood pressure.  Grass fed beef is also rich in Vitamin A and E which helps strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy skin and eyes, it is proven that in grass fed beef Vitamin E is four times higher than grain fed beef.

Vitamins and Supplements:

We all at some point need a little help and with our westernised diets which are high in saturated fats and sucrose we need to not only supplement what we are not getting in a balanced diet but also what some foods lack.

In Store we have a range of health supplements so if anyone needs a chat and some guidance then please call in and speak with Dana who works on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, we are here to help.


Shropshire Kombucha:

Every Saturday we have a delivery of Kombucha from Charlotte who makes the live probiotic with in season fruits, this probiotic has health benefits for joint pain, sleep, skin, digestion and many more.  You can taste in Store on a Saturday and order and then collect each week.  We highly recommend this as an alternative to supermarket juices which use refined sugars and are not good for digestion as well as having a high sugar rating which inflames our joints.

Please pop in on a Saturday Morning and come and taste this wonderful Shropshire Kombucha.

Workshops to look out for:

25th August: Weight in Mind with Rob Chapman.  This is using hypnosis to help our brains take on the challenging aspects of food in our diets, will be interesting and informative and help anyone who is struggling to maintain, lose or gain weight.  11am-1pm

£35 pp

11th September: Adult/Children Journaling with Jane Gill.  This really fun workshop works with paper, pens, paint and recycled materials to produce journals and books which can be added to daily.  10am-12noon. £15pp includes all materials and a refreshment.

So everyone, that is what is in Store for you all this month, so don't be shy, come down and see us for a lovely brew and a chat, we love meeting people and are happy to put some positivity and fun into your day as well as add further information on our products.




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