JB and BOOM: Smart vs Casual

Confused?  Well don’t be, today the art of dressing smartly is slightly out of fashion, with the change of the working scene many have stayed with casual attire so even though you may not lend yourself to a pair of joggers, jeans would be a staple in today’s world. 

So, the question should you dress smarter?  I would advocate a smart casual approach so you are ticking the right boxes for the occasion, everyone however has there own take on smart casual.  It is nice though to put on a Jacket, straight away you feel smarter, the smart over shirts work as well and give a more structured look which I am really liking.  To down dress it pull on a beanie hat.                     


It doesn’t have to be complicated dressing, a smart pair of jeans with a linen shirt and then a jacket turns what would have been a casual going to the pub look, into going to a restaurant, smart Jeans are a staple, the jeans that keep their shape and have a tailored look about them.  To make these smart jeans more casual just add a Tee to the outfit, pull on a trainer and a sweatshirt.







Going to a Christening, Wedding or Posh Restaurant the expectation of Smart is higher, so if casual trousers are what you have in your wardrobe then team it with a more fitted shirt, no tie necessary and then add in the Smart Jacket, the smart jeans would work but not really to a wedding. 

The accessories are important as well so make sure your belt is a good one and also your shoe choice, I would always pair my belt colour to my shoes, especially if I am lending myself to the Smarter outfit of choice.  I would however for a casual look add a coloured woven belt to my jeans as I would pull on a trainer or a pump.  

A great pair of Socks can make the outfit pop, and a good pair of socks that are organic, bamboo or natural fibres say’s a lot about a person, so many designs are available and fit everyone’s personality, I personally like a vibrant stripe and when I am casually dressed with Jeans and a Hoodie I feel that tip of sock showing above my Veje’s shows I am all about the colour. What is your go to sock? 

So check out our Website at www.mooandboom.com and go into the Men’s Store online we have lots to show you and if you need any styling tips just give me a shout, here to help.

All the best


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