KIND BAG London – Much more than KIND to our planet.

Our throw away society can really tip us over the edge but is anyone listening? 

One fabulous company that have their ears open is Kind Bag London a fabulous stockist of ours who aim to empower people to live a more sustainable life by creating their stylish accessories that are on trend and do good – how you ask?

Well, they are made from 100% plastic bottles, have less CO2 emissions than cotton bags, Vegan friendly and cruelty free as well as giving a % back to charity. What is not to like?

The other great thing about this progressive company is they do some great collaborations, we loved the William Morris design bags and the Maggie Stephenson, using the influences of artistic talent is heart warming as they are timeless.

If we all get behind these amazing brands that have the planet at the heart of their companies, we can soon make a difference, buy with a conscious mind.

So, join us to have less impact on our planet and be KIND when you next go shopping with the best bag in your bag.

We are stocking kind bags so check them out on our website!

Check out their website click HERE

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