Making your outdoor space an extension of your home …

Oh yes whatever the weather we are spending more and more time in our gardens or outdoor space than ever before, why? Many reasons but mainly because through Covid we realised how easy it is to enjoy the simple pleasures of what is on our doorstep. 

The increase in the UK’s adult population visiting green spaces has increased by 70% and that is without the warmer weather greeting us, so imagine when that sunshine decides to grace us, we will be embracing with open arms.

Outdoor Living Ideas

Making your outdoor space a part of your home isn’t expensive and you can do it ethically. Why make a natural looking garden without naturally made products?

Lets presume you have a small patio garden, a small table and a few chairs is all that is needed. Put a tablecloth on the table and a small vase of freshly picked roses, fill your pots with bizzy flowers of all colours and hey presto a space. 

Top tips for the outside space:

  • Refresh your space, clear out the clutter and spray wash the furniture.
  • Brush the paths, paving and outside that back door!
  • If you have stuff in your garden space that you don’t need or use, take it to the recycling or Facebook marketplace it – why have it in that space cluttering up the vibe.
  •  Give your furniture a love and if they are neutral and have a few years on them, don’t buy new, just invest in some throws, and place them on the chairs or sofas, this blast of colour will bring fresh energy to your outdoor space. 

 The bolder the better for us here at MOOand BOOM but we get it, not everyone likes patterns so if you go for a muted tone why not then just pop it with a cushion


Outdoor rugs can lift a space, try one of those especially if you have decking

Don’t forget to replenish the pots and sit them in 3’ or 5’s as the odd numbers always gives it a look of abundance. 

We have lots of wonderful sustainable and recycled throws, cushions, Indian parasols and pots in store to help re-invent your outside space, come and take a look or visit our website

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