Once Upon A Time …..

Once upon a time a wardrobe stood still, it was paused due to a pandemic that swept the world, imagine the closed doors with the clothes just hanging there, nothing to do but wait.  The Covid-19 situation turned Fashion Retail on its head and many small and large business’s went into free fall, the company I was working for did exactly that and I found myself out of a job, my Product Coordinator days were over.  Like that wardrobe time stood still for a little while until I decided to open those doors and step out of my lounge wear and get back into my life.

MOOand BOOM is my new direction, it is a platform that will sell New, Old, Vintage and Designer, it will embrace the pre-loved and our ethos is to say NO to retail landfill, the world is awash with it and it has to stop, now is our time when the brakes have been put on industries churning out fast fashion, we as a nation can say recycle, revive, reuse.

Many people cannot relate to pre-loved clothing, the clothes that are forgotten, the clothes bagged and then dumped at charity shop doors, these however are the jewels for MOOand BOOM, we say no to landfill and want these past treasures to be rejuvenated into clothes that inspire the wearer, to dance were there is no music, to shout loud in a library, to freewheel down a hill with your legs out and that gypsy skirt of the 1980’s floating behind you… every garment tells a story and every wearer has a story to tell.

Your unwanted, unloved clothing has a place with us, mixed with New product of Sustainable Cashmere, Organic Cotton and recycled Denim, we can revive those pre-loved pieces and encapsulate a whole new exciting wardrobe for you at little cost. 

Let us know if you would like to share the journey with us, share our blog, follow our Instagram and sign up for our newsletter, the trip starts here, let us see where we end up.


Maddie x

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