Sustainable Updates

I am finding it increasingly interesting watching the large retail players take the lead on Sustainable practices, obviously this isn’t a new initiative but with Covid/Lockdown I feel more people have had the time and opportunity to do their own research on which Retail giants are forging the way ahead and which ones have been left behind.

I read somewhere about Ralph Lauren who have taken on the new initiatives to introduced circularity into their stores by enabling people to drop product off in collection points that will support the efforts of recycling and reselling of pre-loved clothing.  Many high-end brands are now on catch up to tap into new business models so that they boost their sustainable credentials.  It gives me hope that we can get this right going forward and the younger generation will see it as second nature to look for sustainable options and not just click onto fast fashion, churned out, sold cheap web platforms where so many of the people making the garments are not paid a fare wage and the returns just go to landfill.  We can change our shopping habits, it is good to ask questions, if we don't take an interest future generations won't either.

Here at MOOand BOOM we advocate sustainable practices and hope our small steps will have some lasting impressions on our customers, we sell Pre-loved clothing, upcycled and also sustainable NEW fashion.

The Beauty sector of which there are thousands of brands also is making a much bigger push into renewable plant sources and materials that are in abundance oppose to the rare plants used, as well as the non-recyclable packaging.  Maybelline and Lancôme maker of L’Oréal has put a plan in place to use all renewable plant sources and abundant materials by 2030, this is pushed by the huge demand in organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics.  The packaging of most beauty is plastic and a big push forward to use recycled packaging by all the major cosmetic companies has been put into place – however I would always advise everyone to check the ingredients in a product as a lot of them included are not planet healthy.

We are following a few independent beauty companies and hopefully will be able to show you in Store the wonderful products on offer.  Our stockiest Sunbeam use all organically sourced products for their Scrubs, Whipped body butters and Bars, they also use recycled glass jars and packaging, it is their passion and moving forward they will be developing more products to showcase with us.

Balm Balm is 100% organic skincare and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin, the range is lovingly made in small batches by hand in Cheshire using only organic ingredients, free from Parabens, SLSs and preservatives.  Balm Balm is a brand we are excited to be working with and hope you will be one of the many of thousands of satisfied customers already using it, this will be in Store by April.

On that note I leave you with keep well and safe and if you need any help whatsoever with advice on sustainable living then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kindest as always

Maddie X


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