The Power of the Tarot for all who want it ....

I have had my Tarot Cards for many years, I remember having just had Maddie and I was in the Isle of Man, we happened upon a spiritual healing shop and there was this vast table of books on Tarot, Angel Cards, Crystals and Meditation, I was drawn to them and that started my journey.

I don’t read for many people as to be honest in many ways it scares me, the cards divine wisdom can be incredibly intuitive and because I am a naturally spiritual person, I sometimes don’t want the answers.

The word “Tarot” is thought to originate from the Italian Taroch, meaning foolish, there are four suits, and it is also thought they came to Italy from Egypt in the late 1300’s and by the mid 1400’s Italians began to hand paint their decks adding illustrations and individual images of association.  In the 15th Century a sermon from a Dominican preacher called the cards Evil, mainly due to the use of them in gambling, by the mid 1700’s the cards were used for fortune telling.

The Tarot deck of 78 archetypal images, they consist of the Major Arcana (the macrocosm) these are timely cards, if they come in a flurry then something timely will occur, Minor Arcana (the microcosm) Court Cards which are the full spectrum of human emotion and experience, everything we feel, think, experience, and wonder about life is contained within the Tarot, the 78 cards hold the fabulous to the mundane.

Tarot reading is a combination of psychology, mindfulness, art and history, it blends the curious and is not a means to an end, or a way of predicting the future, it is an art form and what is read from the cards is mainly what is inside one’s own being.

The brain chemistry and the soul can work together so the brain with our nervous system which keeps us linked, alive and kicking, the soul that is always spinning, moving and welcomes expansion empowers us, and the Tarot used as a tool to heal, evolve and crystallise emotion, sometimes the very thing we shire away from.  The cards can pull you in many directions but one thing to remember we are set many paths, it is down to us ultimately to choose which one ... the cards can only guide.

The timings are right now for an insurgence of belief after what we have been through, it is an intense time and in general we want to wake up and reconnect with ourselves and others, this can be done in so many ways and the Tarot is just one small way of doing that, let’s reconnect, let us see what is deep inside us, let us go to our core, the cards are the looking glass to what is deep within us and I for one am excited to find out what is hiding !!

 At MOOand BOOM we will be holding Tarot Readings from May which will be 20 minute one to one readings, all the information once we have finalised will be on our Website:

Going forward as well our facilities will be used for Tarot, Spirit guidance and Palmistry, so for all of you wanting to reconnect to yourselves and see what is hidden within watch this space ….. we are so excited to be able to bring this to our Store and studio space.

 Always here to talk, always here to listen.


Stella x

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