The Write Word, a workshop that we laugh, cry and create in, all for the good of our health.

Engaging in activities like journaling, writing for pleasure, poetry, and enjoying simple pleasures such as coffee and cake can profoundly benefit our wellbeing and nourish the soul. Each of these activities offers unique benefits that contribute to mental and emotional health, creativity, and self-expression.

Here at MOOand BOOM on the last Wednesday of every month we meet, a group that loves books, writing, art, poetry and words, not knowing what we were actually being a group for initially developed into a wonderful creative space were we can laugh, cry and voice our deepest thoughts.  We will at the end of the year contribute to our community with a book of all the work we have done throughout the year and it will hold love, respect and above all talent, it is our goal.

Journaling is praised for its ability to enhance self-awareness, boost mental health, motivate, and create a sense of accomplishment. It allows for the expression of thoughts and emotions in a private, reflective space, which can help manage depression, anxiety, and stress. Journaling also strengthens relationships by fostering a deeper understanding of oneself and others, thereby enhancing communication. Moreover, it's linked to greater productivity and can serve as a legacy, capturing personal growth over time​ (Psychology Today)​.

Writing for Pleasure and Poetry offer a therapeutic escape by encouraging self-expression and creativity. They can improve mental health, immunity, memory, stress management, and emotional response. Poetry, in particular, connects us to the primal joy of language, the rhythm that echoes the beat of our hearts, and serves as a bridge to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world. It can evoke a sense of solace, companionship, enlightenment, and healing, reminding us of life's beauty and our place within it​ (Read Poetry)​​ (Psychology Today)​.

The act of enjoying Coffee and Cake might seem simple but contributes to well-being by providing moments of pleasure and relaxation, fostering social connections, and creating an atmosphere conducive to engaging in reflective practices like journaling or poetry writing and at MOOand BOOM we serve the best cake!

“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”  William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

The Write Word Workshop at MOO and BOOM, by incorporating these activities, offers a holistic approach to nurturing the soul and promoting well-being. It provides a community space for individuals to explore their creativity, share experiences, and find joy in expression and connection. This kind of environment is invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their mental and emotional health through artistic expression and the simple pleasures of life.

To further explore these concepts and incorporate them into your own wellness practice, consider attending one of our workshops or creating a personal routine that includes these enriching activities.  We would love to welcome you. 


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