Two Chimps and Nuditea- Ethically sourced coffee and loose leaf tea

When we first opened up MOOand BOOM we did enormous tastings on Coffee and Tea from lots of sustainable brands.  Mum was tea although she loves a coffee cake a mug of Coffee is not her thing. I was Coffee as well as a gang of other tea and caffeine heads that we know, we devoured mugs and mugs of coffee’s, we ground the beans, we filtered and we used cafetieres, what did we come up with? 

Two Chimps and Nuditea, these stockists are fantastic to work with and have a fantastic vibe to work with us, so right up our street there was nothing not to like.

Two Chimps:

A small team of Coffee specialists with the planet friendly approach to coffee drinking, all their coffee is ethically sourced, and hand roasted in small batches to assure the freshest of flavours.  They cover all times of day to drink Coffee, a kick start in the mornings and a relaxing blend in the evening, they fill every sustainable pouch full of aroma and character and can roast a bean of your choice and grind to your chosen size as well.  All set as well in the wonderful countryside of Rutland, we serve their fab flavours in our Café as well as selling their Coffee Pouches in Store, they are super quirky named coffees which are great presents – check it out



So, the great teas of Nuditea really blew us away, the teas are naked, that means nothing but the finest whole leaf is used, the leaves are all responsibly sourced and sustainably packed.  The teabags are compostable so you can even plop on the flower beds after you have had your brew in the garden.  Nuditea is a planet conscious product, and we are super proud to have them as our leading brand in Store.  We stock Masala Chai, Peppermint, Earl Grey, After Eight, Japanese Green, and the very popular Breakfast in the Buff which I am sure you get, as good old breakfast tea.  No complaints here in our Café everyone loves Nuditea.

A great present in Store is one of our Teapot infusers with a packet of Nuditea, they make lovely gifts, we also have the travel mugs with infusers in them so you can even do your commute with a cup of loose-leaf tea.  Check it out online at

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