Why sequins aren't so festive this Christmas...

So the festive season is upon us already and it's the time to DRESS UP!

However this Christmas maybe think twice before you buy your glitz. Sequins are not an ethical embellishment and this is why...

Sequins are made from petroleum based plastics such as PVCs containing toxic chemicals. This means they are indestructible and sit in landfill for thousands of years. 33% of the material is wasted through the punching process... so that means there's a hell of a lot of sequins in landfill.

More and more microplastics going into our soil and when laundering your sparkly sequin pieces micro plastics are being released into our water systems.

Boden has banned the use of sequins as they want to "Keep our oceans happy" The company is now seeking more eco-friendly alternatives to add embellishment to its garments.

Given the issues with sourcing such items, it could mean that some brands choose to avoid glitter altogether, but others could turn to plant-based materials to get their shimmer fix in future.

So my top tips if you feel like you need to sparkle this Christmas.

Buy second hand, circulate those sequins so they don't end up in landfill. 

Sparkle up your outfit with something else... accessories a cute jacket you can DRESS UP without really dressing up!

Christmas might be the ultimate time for the glitz but not at the cost of the planet.

A few MOOand BOOM Dresses that are made with Eco Vera viscose and BCI Cottons...

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