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Lockdown Take Two: Essential Oils and Crystals to help with Relaxing and Insomnia

These unprecedented times have us all in some state or other of emotional turmoil, everyone around me has lost someone or had friends, family and loved ones have their worlds up rooted, positive words can help and talking and taking on the strains now of 2020 together will see us head into 2021 being able to manage the Covid19 situation so we can get on with our lives and work with the boundaries around us without the imposition of being locked out of society. As you all know we stock essential oils and crystals in our Shop at MOOand BOOM and our knowledge has increased day by day with all you wonderful customers sharing your experiences with us on how...

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Bringing Character to a Commercial World in Fashion

Thank you all for your continued support, the lovely comments, the return business, and the feedback it has made the last few months of hard work very worthwhile.❤ The commercial world of fashion is full of companies selling so much of the same thing and it is hard to find clothes that are unique, selling pre-loved, vintage and designer opens up a whole new direction on your wardrobe and we aim to compliment your style with affordable unique pieces.  Shopping locally offers also a service that over time builds relationships, you getting to know us and us getting to know you, finding the pieces that we know you will love and keeping them safe until you can come in and...

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