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An Introduction To Intuitive Art with Lisa Lochhead- 8th Ocotober

An Introduction To Intuitive Art with Lisa Lochhead- 8th Ocotober

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Saturday 8th October 10:30- 1pm

The theme for this 2 ½ to 3 hours Intuitive Art workshop is Freedom. During this class you will learn how to paint intuitively and rest into enjoying moving and playing with your paint. Like a child moves with innocence, play and wonder you will approach creating your art piece without needing to use the mind or need any technical creative ability.

The session starts with a small-guided meditation practice – so you can approach the creative process from a place of stillness and rest. You then move into working on building layers of flow and curiosity in acrylic paint. Using fingers, brushes, colour, creating and dissolving form you will learn how to express creatively without using the mind to judge what the outcome will be or what to do next. There is guidance, technique and prompts throughout the session to keep the thread of the theme ‘Freedom’ evolving as you create.  

This approach allows a dialogue with your intuitive nature to open as you relax into the creative process. A communication opens that informs and inspires the piece being created. Making each participant’s piece unique and full of meaning and reflection.

Not only will you leave the session with a beautiful piece of artwork that is meaningful to you but also a depth of creative nourishment and enhanced well-being.

Materials Being Used on the Workshop:

All materials are provided. You will be working with acrylic paints on 15” x 22” so just under A2 Fabriano Artistico 300gsm watercolour paper with one deckled edge. You will also learn what material to prepare the paper with to take multiple layers of paint, flow and water..


Lisa is a mystically inspired intuitive and visionary artist that celebrates and inspires the inherent power and beauty of Woman, Womanhood and the Divine Feminine through her bold and colourful art. She weaves visionary ideas and storytelling into her paintings that are filled with messages that speak to the depths of your Soul.

As a teacher and facilitator, she is a creative catalyst who brings creativity alive as a path of self-knowledge and self-love. Through creativity and self-reflection she arouses the pure power of creativity and the connection to the Divine Feminine as a way of enhanced healing and joy. She has a passion for aligning with the seasons and the cycles of the moon as supportive portals for embodying the healing power of your Soul.

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