Changing Times – do not let the thought of "What if’s" hurt your head.


The whole theme at the moment is to make Fashion more sustainable and I for one am an advocate of that, however it isn’t easy, we have to learn to change our ways and however small our steps I feel it is our voices that will chip away at the much bigger picture.

The industry is trying to take note and for all brands and businesses who are truly believing that they can make a difference we have to get behind them and there are so many doing so much good,  and we can see the results. 

One of the most effective ways any business can make a difference is to collaborate with people who have already made the giant leap of faith.  Team up with new companies who make sustainable packaging, team up with local business so your carbon footprint is reduced, team up with new technology so that your voice and your passion hits the right platform.  All these factors are going to be leading the way to a cleaner planet and a future for fashion that we don’t have to feel guilty about.

I am personally on a sustainable journey and however hard it is to make someone appreciate a pre-loved item my passion for working with something that has life left in it will not be squashed.  The reuse of resources to me is essential, so all my bobbled cashmere, the clothes that are not suitable for sale and the buttons and zips off garments that are heading for the shredder I use.  I am working with up-cycling garments and working with others to use the fabrics to generate new products.  The whole purpose of pre-loved is to benefit from buying a garment at a cheaper price and having the pleasure of letting it into your wardrobe, however brief, this can be the same with materials and what we use them for, new cushion covers, washbags, linen bags, so many ideas, so many options to be a part of this exciting journey.

With a head space to engage in pre-loved clothing you are opening the opportunity of so much more, you are helping the environment, you are giving to a good cause, we support Charities every month with donations based on sales, you have choice that wasn’t there initially, how may lovely things come in for sale that you would never have stumbled on.

Facts you should know:

Worldwide one truck full of textiles is burned or goes into landfill every second.

£140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year.

£30 billion worth of unused clothing is sitting in our wardrobes.

The level of waste would fill 459 Olympic size swimming pools.

The good news is that the above stats are reducing and that is happening because more and more people are talking about it – keep talking guys!

My doors are open at MOOand BOOM Monday to Friday 10am-3pm by appointment or just call me if you want to bob in but would like your personal space, it can be arranged.

Make today your day of Change and stop that voice in your head - I can honestly tell you every day is teaching me something new and with this knowledge I am hoping to contribute in helping our environment.

Always here to discuss Charity work, donations, or pop ups you may be thinking of.


Maddie x



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