If it is good enough for GUCCI ….. Pre-loved clothing and changing habits towards your health.

Reading the statistics of fashion and landfill changes your mindset when purchasing new garments for your wardrobe, if GUCCI’s hot new thing is second hand the habits of millions must be changing.  At MOOand BOOM we advocate second-hand clothing, we try and love the garments you have fallen out of love with, we present them beautifully and find loving homes again.  GUCCI is amongst a few highflyers that have converted to selling pre-loved clothing, including Selfridges, Zalando and Levi’s, many are launching their own resale sites and it is proving to be a very well supported business module.

The second hand market is expected to double in size between now and 2023, this is with the broader market trends, Covid19 making us more aware of our environment, pressure on the industry to clean up its act and support sustainable fashion. 
We have some MEN's Cashmere in Store so come and check it out, ideal Christmas presents for your loved one.
We are doing our bit as well as giving some of our efforts to Charity, a different one each month so we are spreading the love. 
Your support and kind donations are greatly appreciated and over the last few months we have raised over £2000 for various charities, this month we are supporting the Hospice for the Good Shepherd. Drop any un-loved clothing into store so we can help you help charities.

In store this month also our well-being selection has increased with supplements to help with Immunity, Fatigue, and general health.  Now more than ever we need to give ourselves a boost and my way each day is a slice of lemon, three drops of pure apple cider vinegar, a Hoogly Mint teabag and warm water, a pint of this reduces inflammation, gives good gut health and sets me up for the day not craving sugary snacks. 

The LIFE ARMOUR Brand of supplements we have in stock nourish from within and help protect against the stresses and strains of modern life, the 100% natural formulas work with your body and the blends adapt their function according to your needs to help reduce the worrying issues we all face at some time in our life. 
Unwind – Re-balance – Reboot – Restore

So October let's be having you .... lets get dressed up in our chunky pre-loved sweaters and coats, pull a bobble hat on and walk it out, combined with a boost of Life Armour to fight off the pandemic blues and a fee drops of balance we can do this...
Keep smiling folks, keep safe and well and remember I am always on hand in Store to have a chat about any of our products or just to have a chat and hopefully put smiles on faces.  Being kind is not a chore.
Maddie x



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