Introducing MOO-Zz – Well-being and You

Hi everybody

Social change is not ever easy and there will be no quick fix on changing mindset.  The events of the last few months and the Black Lives matter riots opens many conversations and my emotions have taken a pounding that and the world pandemic I have been feeling quite troubled.  Running a business on top of this and the worries that involves has made me reach deeper into my self-help tool kit.

All lives matter and how we help ourselves to cope with emotions of anger, anxiousness, frustration and feeling overwhelmed is something we should take time out to do.  I meditate to find peace, I cry to release tension and I shout to show frustration, it is better to do something than let those darker feelings manifest into deeper distress, try and find joy in something however small.

Self-care is underrated and with our introduction of MOO-Zz we are going to change that, instrumenting small changes into your life can make BIG changes going forward. Give yourself time to re-energize and this will then enable you to think productively and with productivity comes contribution to change whether it be for you or someone close to you, giving you the strength to have important conversations on upsetting world events that don’t give you further anxiety and you will have the mechanisms to cope, Self-care will help with whatever is thrown at you, trust me I know!

We have collaborated with PFK Aromatherapy and made some fabulous cushions, that is the bit that is all about you, and your time out, the other great benefit is that you are helping the environment and the step of your carbon footprint as the cushion itself has been up-cycled using off cuts of cloths, washed and boiled wool, vintage silks and gorgeous cashmere cut offs,  and the filling is ECO wool, which again is helping the British farmer who presently is filling our fields with fleeces that have no use, such a waste of beautiful wool, why compost, why have man-made fabrics and petro-chemical garments when we could have natural products, our oceans are filling up with plastic, the land full of textiles and right on our doorsteps in abundance is products that could be fully circular – heartbreaking – by giving life on every level to products that would have otherwise been tipped to landfill makes us happy and by being happy those feelings make us feel less anxious so it is a win, win.

The Blends:

NO:1 = Energizing and Uplifting – making your day start off with a zest, a kick and a pinch – helping you embrace what the day has to offer with a real skip in your step, a smile on your face and that feeling of thankfulness.  Think fresh colours of lime, lemon and orange.

NO:2= Relaxing and Relieving – winding down your thought process, helping with meditation, taking time out for you, breathing, and helping with anxious thoughts and palpitations of what is in store. Breathe in and Breathe out – deep breathes that will enable you to face the day or end the day so a peaceful sleep will follow.  Lavender shades and Aqua’s, soft and warming.

NO:3= Uplifting and Positive – Think bright yellow, cup full and that feeling of anything can be achieved, breathe in and take that positive uplifting energy and apply it to the day ahead, or if you have had a bad day then take that uplifting and positive energy and revitalize your being so that you can face the family, friends or just yourself so that you end the day feeling good about yourself.

NO:4= Balance and Rest – everyday something is thrown at us, this blend will help balance all your thoughts so they can be rationally approached going forward, it is a blend that helps rest and will make your thought process slow down so you can breathe and find comfort.  Think blues and caramels.


We are launching these in September with some other exciting news so please keep coming back and catching up with all the MOOand BOOM news.

Keep Well and remember expression is many things and however controversial or argumentative or judgmental you feel, bottling up those emotions will only manifest to much darker thoughts, liberate your voice and if said with consideration, kindness and thoughtfulness whatever you have on your mind will be received without upset.


Maddie x

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