MOO-Zz Well-being – Sleep and your immune system.

September is a month of change, our summer is ending and the Autumnal mornings are upon us, I love the transitions of the seasons from the vibrant floral pops of colour to the ochres and browns, the russets and reds of Autumn changing the landscape. 

All this helps with our well-being and I am sticking with this for my blog this month as now having moved into the Store and the amazing response I have had from all of your and new customers on the products we are stocking as well as our and other peoples stories it is a subject that I feel we need to talk about more.  Share our experiences of what works for us to help with the days and to sleep well at night.  Sleep and the quality of Sleep we have is what is key.

Balance in our lives is also hugely important and with the daily changing discussions about Covid19 and all that it throws at us, balance is the way forward so we can embrace what is still good in our lives as well as managing all that is not.

Sleep is a key factor of balance and when your mind is in turmoil and you have the stresses of work or even looking after family, restorative sleep can evade us.  A nutritional diet can help towards sleep and making sure that you are feeding you body with good fats and less sugars, this will give your body healing processes that help with a feel-good factor.  We are stocking Seaweed Boost shaker and Sea Spoon, this award-winning ingredient is excellent to help with your immune system, gut and iron levels, add it to scrambled egg, soups, stews or pasta.  

One of the things I have been reading about is not to skip meals, space out your breakfast, lunch and dinner so that your body is fueled and then the risk of a blood sugar rush is reduced, that will in turn stop you reaching for the biscuit tin, which in turn can go towards a better sleep pattern.  Go big on green as a thought process, think green, eat green and that is a well-being start, more fibre in our diets reduces inflammation and gives amazing results to our gut bacteria which in itself makes us feel better.

Our well-being cushions which we have made from up-cycled materials and filled with British sheep’s wool have a healing property within themselves, the thought of having saved clothing from retail landfill and saved beautiful fabrics from the shredder gives a warm glow to my heart and collaborating with Paula from PFK Well-being Aromatherapy has made the whole adventure of taking this from idea to production incredibly satisfying. 

Our planet as well is helped because if you are using greener products that is helping reduced your carbon footprint, so it is a win-win.  Lay you head down on one of our cushions with the drops of 1 of 4 blends of Aromatherapy and relax into the evening. 

As sleep repairs the immune cells and recharges your batteries you are more inclined then to wake up and feel positive about your day, the mental health of everyone is stretched in the present climate and we should try and embrace all avenues to enable us to stay healthy as we embark on the colder months, so Sleep, Relax and Eat a Balanced Diet are my top tips and if you can combined them with some of our products you are well on your way to a better quality of life and a better quality of sleep.

Facts:  40% of Brits sleep for only 6 hours or less per night

Sleep resets the immune system by reducing the number of immune cells in the bloodstream.

Research has also shown that one night without sleep can significantly alter the immune system overnight.

When the mind is healthy, the body produces less of the stress hormones.

Meditation can help with aiding a regular and fulfilling sleep.

So on that note, I hope that September can bring you restful sleep building your immune system up to face the Autumnal months ahead, we will be bringing you lots more information about well-being, our spiritual guidance as well as an update on all our Pre-loved Autumn clothes and our Chunky Cashmere.

Keep well and energised.


Maddie x



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