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If it is good enough for GUCCI ….. Pre-loved clothing and changing habits towards your health.

Reading the statistics of fashion and landfill changes your mindset when purchasing new garments for your wardrobe, if GUCCI’s hot new thing is second hand the habits of millions must be changing.  At MOOand BOOM we advocate second-hand clothing, we try and love the garments you have fallen out of love with, we present them beautifully and find loving homes again.  GUCCI is amongst a few highflyers that have converted to selling pre-loved clothing, including Selfridges, Zalando and Levi’s, many are launching their own resale sites and it is proving to be a very well supported business module. The second hand market is expected to double in size between now and 2023, this is with the broader market trends, Covid19...

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MOO-Zz Well-being – Sleep and your immune system.

September is a month of change, our summer is ending and the Autumnal mornings are upon us, I love the transitions of the seasons from the vibrant floral pops of colour to the ochres and browns, the russets and reds of Autumn changing the landscape.  All this helps with our well-being and I am sticking with this for my blog this month as now having moved into the Store and the amazing response I have had from all of your and new customers on the products we are stocking as well as our and other peoples stories it is a subject that I feel we need to talk about more.  Share our experiences of what works for us to help...

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